Eden Kittiver



What services do you provide?

How will i receive photos?

I’ll send Hi Res, downloadable files through Dropbox, organized into your own folder. No logos or tacky watermarks.

when will i get my photos?

1-2 weeks after the shoot

When/ how do i pay for my photos?

Paypal baby!

can i use these pics on my new album/ shirt design/ poster/ etc?

Totally! In fact, a lot of bands have and the products are always so cool. My general rule is: if you’re making money from it, I should be too. Send me an email if you’ve got something in mind and we can chat!


Need Portrait Work?

A lot of publications will ask for a group photo if they’re posting new music or tour announcements. Best to have some just in case.

Single Portraits starting at $150

Group Portraits starting at $200

travel fees may apply