Eden Kittiver


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A Little About Me:

My name is Eden and I'm a freelance photographer in Los Angeles, California! From a young age I've had a passion for music, photography, and traveling, and now, at 21 years old, I am thrilled to be combining all three for work! I began documenting live music when I was sixteen years old while I was living in Annapolis, MD. After moving across the county the following year, I noticed the extraordinary amount of talent that lied in the City of Angels. From there, I intended to create art that was unique and stood out to the masses; that's why I have been constantly experimenting with new colors, styles and subjects ever since!

Thanks to the connections I've made through my work, I have experienced so many different music scenes and finally found my niche with the DIY punk kids in Southern California. There is nothing quite like the sense of community among carefree, music-loving individuals whom I am lucky to call my friends! 

I specialize in concert and music photography but also have experience (and love doing) portraits, events, and weddings.

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Bad Cop/ Bad Cop, Caskitt, Detached Clothing, Fat Wreck Chords, FYF Presents, Horror Squad, Lysolgang, New Noise Magazine, Razorcake Magazine, Red City Radio, Sick Of It All, The Bad Copy, Turnstile, War On Women + More!